12 Mind-Blowing Ways To Cook Meat In Your Crockpot

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1. The BEST Meatball Appetizer

12 Mind-Blowing Ways To Cook Meat In Your Crockpot

This 3 ingredient recipe is always a hit at parties! Not only are they incredibly delicious (the perfect combination of sweet, salty and tangy), but they’re probably the easiest thing you’ll ever throw into your slow cooker.


  1. Combine an 18oz bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce with approximately 18oz of grape jelly into your crockpot, and then stir until well combined.
  2. Add about 50 frozen, fully cooked meatballs to the mixture, and then stir them in until they are well coated.
  3. Cook on high in your slow cooker for about 3 hours.


  • Replace the BBQ sauce for Chili Sauce (next to the ketchup in the grocery stores) for a less sweet and more tangy flavor, or consider using a combination of both. A little bit of mustard is also good in the mix to tame the sweetness a bit.
  • Add Cayenne pepper or hot sauce to kick up the heat factor.
  • You can use plain or Italian style frozen meatballs for this recipe.
  • I’ve found that a thicker BBQ sauce (like Sweet Baby Ray’s) works best, otherwise the sauce may turn out a bit runnier than desired.
  • Although I’ve never tried it, I’ve read that other flavors of jelly like strawberry or apricot also work well for this recipe.
  • Try using a liner in your crockpot for easier cleanup.

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  1. This link is supposed to take me to the crockpot chicken tortellini. It’s a very good recipe and would love to have the correct link. Thank you

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