15 Effective Home Office Organizing Ideas

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8. Really Tall Corkboard

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Use a really tall corkboard for everything from inspiration to organization. Pro tip: Put the inspiration near the top because you won’t change that as often as your day to day work.

9. Binders for Paper

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You thought you said goodbye to binders when you graduated, but you didn’t!

10. Jars of Art

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Put crayons, markers, chalk, pens, and anything else you can draw with in a sturdy glass jar for kids to get easy access and to make a cute way to display them.

11. Boxes of Art

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Not sure you trust the kids with glass? I don’t blame you. Use cardboard instead!

12. Candle Holder Organizer

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Turn a candle holder into a storage area. Warning: Do not use with children or fire.

13. Ottoman Filing Cabinet

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Filing cabinets usually stick out in a home office. They’re ugly, they’re meant for offices, and they just don’t belong in the home! Ottomans on the other hand are so pretty and get the job done.

14. Boxes and Boxes

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Boxes hide all the clutter that you don’t need every day. Put the boxes on your shelves with the biggest and least needed ones at the top and the ones you’ll use more often lower down.

15. Drawers For The Big Things

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Putting camera equipment and larger office supplies in a drawer of their own.

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