15 Gorgeous Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes

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15 Gorgeous Makeup Looks for Blue Eyes


Cut crease eye makeup requires the instruction of a professional. That’s way we opted for this simple step-by-step guide by a make-up artist Samantha R.

Step 1: To achieve the look, start with eye primer. Apply it to the entire lid. Next, apply base shadow and white highlight.

Step 2: With a black eyeliner, sketch in a crease liner. Make sure your sketches match.

Step 3: Gently and slowly blend the liner out with a shading brush. Apply and blend a purple eye shadow (or any other) over the line.

Step 4: Add eye shadow underneath the lower lash line and wing out your eyeliner. Finish the look with mascara, false lashes and some white highlight in the inner corner of the eye.

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