18 Small Bathroom Ideas To Make This Cozy Space Look Bigger

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No matter how small or large bathroom you have, I am sure you wouldn’t mind making it bigger.

Don’t worry, that’s not something only you aspire to do. It is natural human instinct. We all want bigger, more spacious and better organized interior. And for that matter, I have several ideas that are worth checking out. Take your time, and see which one you can implement in your bathroom.

1. Tips to maximize the space in the bathroom

Starting off with some basic and common tips and tricks to visually increase the space in the bathroom like using soft colors, glass, indirect lighting and so on. Check the gallery to see how each and every trick helps you improve the visual space of the bathroom.

2. Rustic valance for the bath

Combining delicate materials with rough and materials is one of the best mix and match approaches in interior design. In this case, we see valance curtains for the bathroom, perfectly executed in rustic style.

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3. White powder room

The powder room is one of the most important parts for women. It is the place where they put on makeup, wash their hands, style their hair and so on. And you know the saying, happy wife-happy life? Well, this is one way to make your wife happy with a complete renewal of the powder room.

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4. Freshen up the powder room with paint and shelves

Most people think changing the look of the bathroom is a complicated and tiresome project. In reality, however, it is as easy as saying “crackers”. But the trick is to use neutral color for the powder room. This way, you can switch up the accessories at any time, and get a completely new look for the bathroom. See how it looks in reality.

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5. Tile the walls

Small mosaic tiles is a great way to improve the visual appeal of any room. In the bathroom, using small mosaic tiles is a tricky challenge, since you need pattern and design that is neutral, visually appealing, and glamorous in the same time. Once you find something that checks all boxes, the process of tiling is the easiest part.

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6. Add some art

You thought art pieces are reserved only for the living area and the bedroom? Well, think again. I love bathroom art because it is so versatile. You can choose to go in two directions. One, you can choose some classy, elegant and sophisticated wall art. Or, you can choose mine preferred direction, comical and humorous. Who doesn’t like a little laugh while taking a sh.t.

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7. Make the space look bigger with mirror tiles

Mirrors are part of the “101 tricks to visually increase the space”. Simply put, few other stuff have the power to amplify the space as much as mirrors do. And if you like to go a step further, combine mirror with some elegant tiles to get sophisticated and elegant bathroom.

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8. Warm rustic tones

From tips how to free up floor space, to tips how to “climb the walls”, you’ll find here several interesting and practical ideas for increasing the space in your bathroom. And we are not talking only visual tricks and hacks, but actual tips and tricks that will open up your space.

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9. Dark and bright tones with mirrors

When you think of dark and bright, you probably think of black and white combination. And you wouldn’t be the only one to have the same association. One way that black and white can be made more interesting and unique is by adding some mirrors. Black and white is considered one of the timeless, yet in the same time dull and boring combinations. Make it more interesting in your bathroom.

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10. Bigger vanity storage space

Even the tiniest powder room can be transformed into stylish, elegant and welcoming space. A built-in vanity always helps, but there are other tricks you can implement. Check them out.

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11. Let the sunshine in

I won’t reveal how you can bring more “sunshine” to the bathroom, since that would take all the fun away. But I will just say that it does not involve opening more windows and adding more windows to the bathroom. Intrigued enough?

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12. Few tips and ideas for small bathrooms

Focusing mostly on the lighting and color of the bathroom, you’ll find here suitable color and lighting options for every bathroom, be it small, large, medium, with windows, without windows and everything else. The guide perfectly sums up what you need to do with two of the most important aspects when decorating a bathroom, lighting and color of the walls.

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13. Install beadboard paneling

Beadboard paneling is something few people pay attention in their bathroom. However, beadboard paneling is something that adds tons of cottage flavor to your bathroom in a matter of seconds. When pondering the idea of beadboard paneling, your biggest challenge is to choose the right material. Choose the wrong one and you’ll have to buy new in a year or two.

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14. Three ways to transform a bathroom

This woman has transformed not one, but three bathrooms in her house. Think of that again, three bathrooms. Some people are panicking when they have to remodel and transform only one bathroom, yet this woman has done it three times. Take a look at her story, how she transformed the main bathroom, the children’s bathroom and the guest’s bathroom into beautiful rooms.

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15. Add a table-mounted vessel sink

The goal here is to make the room look bigger, and actually feel like bigger in the same time. A table-mounted vessel sink will help with that, as you eliminate the lower part of the sink. A wall mounted faucet is a must in this case. Don’t worry, there is a step by step guide how to get everything right. And it’s not as complex and hard as it seems on first glance.

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16. Black and white bathroom

You’ll love this black and white combination. What I love about this project is that even though black and white is more classic and timeless approach to decorating, it looks refreshing, fresh and streamlined. The black details are added in such a subtle manner, that you’ll probably need some time to notice them all.

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17. Half-bath makeover idea

For those of you thinking what a half bath is, allow me to enlighten you. A half bath is actually a common word for guest’s bathroom, or a bathroom with just a toilet and sink. But even in such small bathroom, there are ways to make it look interesting, unique and playful. Besides, your don’t want your guests to be bored, don’t you?

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18. Floating vanity

The advantage of floating vanity is that you get more space underneath. But for the most part, people have started using floating vanity in their bathrooms due to following feng shui principles. According to the ancient Chinese philosophy, you don’t want your furniture “glued” on the floor and floating furniture allows for free air flow.

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