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Who’s watching the superbowl ? If you are looking for healthy superbowl party food recipes ideas keep reading. This is my collection of 26 easy and healthy finger food recipes to enjoy during the game. Don’t look further and try one or two of those to make the night perfect : fun and healthy. It includes tacos, dips, pizza, quiches and more

Healthy superbowl party food

1- Spinach Tacos Shell

Goodbye store bought tacos those baked 4-ingredients taco shells are the healthiest low carb appetizers for your superbowl.

Recipe by sweetashoney

2- Thai style pork meatballs

Meatballs are such a great addition to a party food platter and those looks deliciously healthy.

Recipe by leelalicious.

3- 7-layer mexican dips

Everything in one bowl creamy guacamole, sour cream – replace by greek yoghurt for healthier option – beans and vegetables.

Recipe by chefdehome

4- Mini salmon spinach quiche

We all love a crispy warm quiche and when salmon meet spinach the result is simply divine!

Recipe created by leelacious.

5- Kale Pizza Crust

My green kale pizza crust is always a huge favorite at party food night. The dough is ready in 5 minutes in a food processor and makes a fun green pizza base.

Recipe by sweetashoney

6- Parmesan Zucchini Bites

Simple recipes are the best right? we love those crispy low carb zucchini bites! Such a great appetizer!

Recipe HERE by salusalo.

7- Loaded Sweet Potato Nachos

Sweet potato are such a great alternative to store bought chips to create a beautiful plate of loaded nachos.

Recipe by spicesinmydna

8- Spinach Balls

Cheesy spinach balls are so delicious to serve at party game. Everyone will love them and can be make-ahead and freeze for later too!

Recipe by sweetashoney

9- Cauliflower Pizza Bites

Cheesy cauliflower pizza bites are a dream food for all low carb lovers. Such an easy finger food to replace regular pizza.

Recipe by itscheatdayeveryday

10- Baked Cauliflower Nuggets

Crispy little cauliflower bites that are delicious with any dip and sauce.

Recipe by sweetashoney

11- Smashed Sweet Potato Guacamole Bites

Sweet potatoes are such an healthier alternative to bread or potatoes. This appetizer is not only beautiful but combine good carbs and healthy fat.

Recipe by runningtothekitchen

12- Chilli Salt Edamame

A super healthy finger food ready in 5 minutes and full of protein from edamame beans.

Recipe by umamigirl

13- Sticky Ginger Teriyaki Chicken nibbles

Well, chicken nibbles are not the healthiest but with an homemade ginger terriaki sauce with low sugar it is a great way to enjoy some sticky chicken with less guilt

Recipe by thefaresage

14- Sweet potato Tots

Super crispy outside and moist in the centre those easy sweet potato tots are the best finger food ever for party night.

Recipe by sweetashoney

15- Grilled Cheese Spinach Sandwich

Game food night must include some toasted sandwich by why not adding some spinach in yours ?

Recipe by sweetashoney

16 – Cottage cheese dip

A super easy 4 ingredients and high protein dip to keep you full during the long game !

Recipe by imagelicious

17- Lemon Kale Popcorn

Popcorn must by on a superbowl platter right? this healthier version use lemon and kale for a delicious savory popcorn that don’t compromise our diet.

Recipe by simplyfreshdinners

18- Dairy free Mexican White Cheese Dip

Creamy dip that looks like cheese but 100% vegan using real food including cashews and potatoes.

Recipe by veggiedontbite

19- Easy Spinach Falafel

My easy baked spinach falafel are great filling for sliders and pita pocket sandwich to add on your party food platter.

Recipe by sweetashoney

20 – Curry roasted butternut squash dip

We love the spices and addition of apple in this healthy veggie dip.

Recipe by culinaryginger

21- Taco Stuffed mini peppers

We love the colors and the healthy filling of those little baked peppers.

Recipe by bunsenburnerbakery

22- Crispy Parsnip fries

There is no party night without fries! Those baked Parsnip makes a great low carb and low fat alternative to regular fried potato fries.

Recipe by sweetashoney

23- Chocolate Coconut bliss balls

Ready in 5 minutes those guilt free coconut bliss balls taste like bounty bars and contains a little bit of natural sweetener and healthy coconut oil.

Recipe by the endlessmeal

24- Carrot cake balls

Those raw balls makes the perfect sweet addition to your healthy party food platter.

Recipe by sweetashoney

25- Berry and dates boats

Those looks like little football balls ! So cute!

Recipe by realandvibrant

26- Fruit Nachos

This is an easy sweet addition to a party platter with those fruit nachos and peanut butter drizzle.

Recipe by itscheatdayeveryday

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