Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings!

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Has it ever happened to you to wake up late for work, only to realize that your hair seems to have a personality of its own, and no matter how hard you would try to style it, it simply refuses to stay that way? If you are a professional who always tries to look formal for work, then you will definitely get to love these messy hair bun tutorials that will help you achieve the ultimate look within minutes, using nothing but hair pins and some hairspray! Here are 25+ amazing tutorials to draw your inspiration from!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings!

1. Dutch Braids Combined With A Low Messy Bun

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings!

As you may know already, there are two different types of messy buns you can opt for: the high bun, which is a great choice for classy women who aim for a more formal and professional look, and the low messy bun which has a more casual look to it. This is an amazing hair tutorial that only lasts for 6 minutes and that will show you how to make simple but appealing Dutch braids, and how to combine them into a cute little low messy bun. This tutorial is perfect for a casual night out with your friends, although it can easily be work during the day as well, as it is quite volatile and it can be easily matched with just about any type of airy and loose summer clothing. Also, although this hair tutorial is done on a light haired woman, it goes perfectly for women with slightly darker shades as well, so feel free to give it a try! Source and Tutorial: missysue

2. An Insight Into The Art Of Messy Buns!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings!

Messy buns do look a bit “neglected” when you first look at them, but the truth is that if you pay attention to the small details (which often make the difference between a great hairstyle and an amateur one), you will see that there is actually an entire strategy behind the classic messy bun. This is a straightforward tutorial that will help you achieve that perfect messy bun in just three easy steps: the first step is to simply pull your hair into a loose and relaxed ponytail, then to carefully separate the different sections of your hair and the final step is teasing the sections that lack volume. Once you are done, you need to bring all of these sections together and to carefully wrap them into a messy but incredibly beautiful bun that will last for hours. Add a touch of hairspray to make sure everything stays in place and you are good to go! Source and Tutorial: makeup

3. Bouffant Bun!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings!

The French word “Bouffant” actually refers to that extreme volume many girls like in their hair – if you have very thin and frail hair and you feel that it looks dull and it lacks volume, then this amazing hair tutorial on how to get yourself a lovely and natural bouffant bun is the best one for you. Most of the girls can easily just pull their hair into a bun and get away with it, but if your hair is not as “rich” and you feel that it constantly sticks to your head (especially during those ridiculously hot summer days), then the bouffant bun is the right choice. It will keep your bun airy and loose, and it will also add a classy and distinctive touch to your general appearance. Besides, with several bobby pins you can adjust the bun anyway you want, so that it perfectly matches your business or casual attire! Source and Tutorial: freckled-fox

4. Two Minute Elegant Bun!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! Have you noticed just how elegant Angelina Jolie’s hair buns are, all the time? Are you the type of woman who loves to wear suits and to dress very casually, yet you simply do not have enough time to straighten or curl your hair every day? If that is the case, then this amazing two-minute hairstyle tutorial will show you how to achieve a flawless and impeccable bun, without too much effort. On average, a woman can spend up to an hour doing her hair, especially if she has a long and rich one – with this elegant hair bun tutorial, you can save a tremendous amount of time and effort, so check it out! Source and Tutorial: makeupwearables

5. Messy Top Knot!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! This is another very fast and effortless hair bun tutorial that has a slightly messy touch to it – one that makes it stand out, and that goes perfectly with any casual attire! That being said, this messy top know can be easily achieved with a few bobby pins or with an elastic band, as all you need to do is to carefully pull all your hair together and to tie it up securely on top of your head. In addition to that, make sure to leave two small sections on the sides of your face – you can either straighten them or even curl them, if you aim for a more chiseled look. Either way, the messy top knot can look amazing on any woman, regardless of her age, her hair length or her hair color, so you should definitely give it a try next time you want to give your hair a different style! Source and Tutorial: threesweetpeasblog

6. Messy Bun Updo!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! If there is anything better than a perfect updo, that is a messy bun updo: fast and effortless at the same time, this messy side bun updo is actually so versatile that it can be easily work during special occasions and events as well. On the other hand, if you are the chic type of lady who always dresses to impress and who wants to look flawless at any time of the day, then this messy side bun will say “I like to look good and I love to try out different styles”. Overall, the messy side bun updo is a great choice for teenagers and young adults, but it would also compliment ladies in their early 30s as well. In the end, everything comes down to your attitude – this bun updo does require a bit of temper! Source and Tutorial: pophaircuts

7. Make Your First Messy Bun!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! If you have never tried a messy bun before and you are feeling clueless, then Marie Claire will certainly come to your rescue with this complete and highly detailed tutorial on how to create a lovely messy bun, from beginning until the end. Marie Claire is one of the most-read women’s fashion and lifestyle magazines, and it has an entire section dedicated to beauty – this messy bun is a great choice if you are a fan of loose clothing and you love to play with different styles. If you like to combine different clothing elements and to add your own personal touch to them, then this hairstyle will certainly be on the same wavelength, as it will add style and personality to your attire.


Source and Tutorial: marieclaire

8. Simple Messy Bun For Medium Long Hair

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! You might think that creating a messy bun is a pretty simple and straightforward process, regardless of whether you have a shoulder-long hair or a waist-long hair, when the truth is that the longer the hair, the more difficult it is to pull it up in a bun that will last throughout the whole day. However, if you have shoulder-long hair, then you should get away with a lovely bun within minutes, and this tutorial will show you how to do just that. It is extremely important to make sure that you use the right elastic bands, those that are specifically designed for hairstyles – using the conventional, commercial elastic bands will only damage your hair, therefore you must be very careful! Source and Tutorial: byebyebeehive

9. Versatile Messy Bun

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! This messy bun tutorial is very special, given the fact that it is dedicated not only to women with a very long hair, but also to those who have a relatively short hair. That is right – the tutorial will benefit every woman, even those with very thin hair. If you have thin hair and you want to add extra volume, then grab a small comb and a hair spray and start teasing your hair before you pull it up and secure it in a messy high bun. On the other hand, if Mother Nature has been more than generous with you and your hair is so rich that you often have a hard time taming it down, then you might want to straighten your hair first, before you catch it in a bun. Either way, this tutorial will actually offer you plenty of useful tips and tricks that you can use, next time you feel adventurous with your hair! Source and Tutorial: byebyebeehive

10. Sexy Loose Buns For Those Lazy Days!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! Sometimes, you want to look effortlessly chic and sexy, and who said you cannot do that? You do not need to spend hours in front of the mirror to look good – as a matter of fact, all you need is a dark red lipstick, a touch of mascara and this tutorial that will teach you how to make your own sexy loose bun. Whenever you are on a very tight schedule at work or when you are late for a date, this sexy loose bun tutorial can really save your day – check it out and the loose bun will quickly become your next favorite beauty trick! Source and Tutorial: brunchatsaks

11. Simple Messy Hair Updo In Seven Easy Steps!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! Did your hair become messy and greasy, yet you simply do not feel like washing it just yet? If so, then you certainly know that you need to wrap it up in a bun or a tight updo, as wearing it loose will only look bad, if it is all oily and messy. The good news is that with several elastic hair bands, you can achieve a simple but very chic messy hair updo, in seven easy steps. After you have thoroughly combed your hair, all you need to do is to catch it in a loose ponytail, then grab the end of the ponytail and carefully wrap it towards the base of your head – once you have done so, the final step is to secure your messy hair updo with another elastic band. You should consider wrapping the band two or three times around the updo, just to make sure that your updo stays there for the entire day. Source and Tutorial: weheartit

12. Simple Fancy Bun!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! This is not the type of bun that you would like to wear on a daily basis, but it is certainly a great choice for those special events or occasions where you would like to save some money and actually do your hair all by yourself. For this simple fancy bun tutorial, all you need is a hair curler that you will use to carefully curl all the sections of your hair, some gentle hair balm or oil that will add extra shine and smoothness to your hair and ultimately some elastic bands and bobby pins that will help you create the fancy updo bun and keep it all in one place. This is a very sophisticated hairdo that will probably resemble those beautiful Victorian-era hairstyles, and they are the perfect choice for elegant and stylish ladies who fancy couture/vintage clothing. Source and Tutorial: peinar

13. Perfect Messy Bun For Music Festivals

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! Summer is already here, and we all know what that means – this is the music festival season! No matter how beautiful and feminine long hair is, it can sometimes become extremely difficult to manage during the hot summer days, as you tend to sweat and your hair can get all tangled up. If cutting your hair is not an option during the summer, then rest assured – there is always a solution for just about any hair problem. In this case, the solution comes in the form of a perfect messy bun that is great for hippies and other cool women who love a good outdoor music festival – and not only! The truth is that everybody can rock this awesome messy bun, without any effort. Source and Tutorial: freckled-fox

14. Side Braided Bun

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! Just like the fancy bun mentioned above, the side braided bun is also a very fancy option that is perfect for proms, fancy receptions as well as weddings, Christenings and other formal events and get-togethers. If you did not manage to make a salon appointment yet you do not want to show up with a messy undone hair, then this awesome side braided bun will come to your rescue. This particular bun actually combined two important elements that pertain to two different types of hairstyles: firstly, you get to section your hair and to create a lovely side braid. Secondly, you must create a bun that you will secure as high up your head as possible. The result is a half-casual half-formal hairstyle that will benefit every woman! Source and Tutorial: freckled-fox

15. Make Your Own Top Knot

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! There is a lot of misconception and controversy surrounding the traditional top knot, and many women believe that getting this type of hairstyle is piece of cake, as all you need to do is to simply pull your hair up your head and secure it in place. The truth is that if you want a truly spectacular top knot, you will need to invest some time and effort into achieving it. Most of the time, you will have to either curl your hair or to blow-dry it in such a manner that you create some beautiful loose curls before you actually move on to the top knot, otherwise you will have a hard time keeping it all in one place: especially during the summer when the atmosphere tends to be very wet, and we all know that moisture makes your hair swell up! Source and Tutorial: aubreykinch

16. Simple And Loose Messy Bun Tutorial

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! This is perhaps one of the fastest and easiest ways to achieve a loose messy bun – all you have to do is to gently pass the comb or brush through your hair a couple of times and make sure there are no knots that might interfere with your messy bun hairstyle, then catch your hair into a loose ponytail followed by the final step, where you have to wrap the ponytail up and secure it with either a few black bobby pins or with yet another elastic hair band. This is a great, simple and chic messy bun tutorial that every woman can use within minutes, to get a lovely summer-ish hairstyle! Source and Tutorial: glitterinc

17. Braided Hairstyles

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! Some women love to style their hair and to get big, loose wavy curls, while others love to braid their hair and get that fairytale-like hairstyle! If you are part of the latter, then you will absolutely love these amazing braided hairstyles that will change everything you know about braided hairs. If there is anything better than braiding your hair, that is braiding it up and catching it in a lovely bun, just as instructed in this tutorial. Simple, effortless and very easy to achieve, this hairstyle should last for at least three to four hours, therefore it is the perfect choice for busy days at school or at work where you simply do not have time to look in the mirror all the time. Source and Tutorial: makeupwearables

18. Two Minute Low Braided Bun!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! If you are a fan of the effortless low braided buns, then you should know that it should not take you more than two minutes to achieve that lovely hairstyle. Low buns are great, because they can be easily combined with just about any type of attire, and they are far from being as pretentious and demanding as the high buns (which tend to have a more formal touch to them, and to be more difficult to pair with a casual outfit). Grab your elastic hair bands and your hairspray and get started – this two minute low braided bun will certainly reinvent the way you do your hair each day. Source and Tutorial: she.steals

19. Make Yourself A Chic And Romantic Messy Bun!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! If you are a fan of messy buns, then in this Wikihow tutorial you will find no less than four different ways to style your hair and to make yourself a cute messy bun. Regardless of which one of these four different methods you want to opt for, one thing is for sure: the pre-styling is by far the most important part of the entire process, as it can give your bun a beautiful finish and an elegant touch, or it can break the entire bun and make it look ugly. There is a very thin line between achieving a messy bun that actually looks top-notch, and a messy bun that looks neglected and unwashed, and you certainly do not want to cross that like. Check out these tutorials to find out more useful tips and hints! Source and Tutorial: wikihow

20. The Ultimate Messy Bun

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! Out of all the 25+ messy bun tutorials presented here, this is perhaps the most appealing and versatile one, and it is specifically designed for ladies who have side bands and who never know what to do with their bangs when they wear their hair tight in a bun. If you recognize yourself in that description, then do not despair – take a deep breath and have a look at this ultimate messy bun tutorial that will help you achieve a flawless, salon-like hairstyle that all your friends and co-workers will envy. You can easily look flawless every day, without spending a fortune on professional hair care products or hair styling services. In a nutshell, this messy hair bun tutorial will teach you how to become your own professional hair stylist, at home! Source and Tutorial: latest-hairstyles


21. Quick And Easy Messy Bun

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! At first, this looks like an average and conventional messy bun that has absolutely nothing special to it, but when you look closer, you will quickly notice the element of surprise – the tiara or the head band that accompanies the entire hairstyle! You can either opt for a classic, monotone all-black head band that will tame your hair and keep it in place (perfect during those hot summer days when your hair tends to become all puffy due to the heat and the moisture), or you can opt for a more sparkly tiara that will help you turn the entire hairstyle into a couture messy bun that is perfect for formal events and ceremonies. This is one of the beauties of messy buns – you can tailor them anyway you want! Source and Tutorial: loveshelbey

22. Messy Autumn Bun

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! This is another simple and very easy messy autumn hair bun tutorial that can be achieved within less than two minutes. Start with a perfectly clean hair and a couple of elastic head bands that you will use for wrapping up your hair. After thoroughly combing and detangling your hair, all you need to do is to carefully catch it in a ponytail and then make the final move – creating the up-high tight bun that is perfect for the autumn season. Source and Tutorial: autumngrey

23. Messy Bun Tutorial For Curly Hair

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! Women with naturally straight hair always crave for tight or loose curls, whereas women with naturally curly hair always want to straighten their hair! This is one of the many paradoxes of our era. The good news is that messy buns are versatile enough to be used on all types of hair, regardless of whether it is naturally curly or naturally straight. However, this particular tutorial will certainly benefit women with a curly, wavy hair more than those with a perfectly straight hair – check it out and you will quickly understand why! Source and Tutorial: loblollies

24. Lovely Bun For Redheads!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! This is a truly royal and majestic bun hairstyle that only redheads can rock! It looks very fancy and exquisite at first, but the truth is that it takes you little over two minutes to actually get this particular hairstyle. All you need to do for this seemingly sophisticated hairstyle is to catch the back side of your hair into a lose bun, right on the very top of your head, and then to allow several sections of hair to fall naturally on the sides. Once again, you can either curl those sections or straighten them up, depending on the look you are aiming for as well as on the attire that you will wear at the special event. Source and Tutorial: seaofshoes

25. Messy Bun For Long Hair!

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings! Long hair certainly exudes femininity and grace, but the truth is that it takes a lot of time and money to actually take care of it, and making sure that it is in perfect state – let alone having to style your long hair every morning before you go to work or school! If you want to save some money on professional salon-grade hair styling services, then you can easily learn how to make a DIY messy bun-style for long hair, one that will withstand wind and even rainy weather. Check out this tutorial to find out the secret! Source and Tutorial: sittinginourtree

26. Fishtail Braid Bun

Top 25 Messy Hair Bun Tutorials Perfect For Those Lazy Mornings!
Lastly, this is perhaps the most complex casual braid bun for daily use – this is a messy-looking fishtail braid bun that looks amazing on women with light brown or even blonde hair, but ultimately it can be used by every woman with healthy, long and luscious hair. Even if you have never braided your hair before or if you have never tried catching it in a fishtail, this tutorial will show you just how easy it is, and you will regret not having tried it earlier. Check it out and let us know what you think about it! Source and Tutorial: blog.thebeautyplace Having said that, these are 25+ simple messy hair bun tutorials that every woman can try at home. No matter if you are blonde, brunette or a redhead, if you have very long, medium or bob-style hair, you can easily find a simple low or high bun that matches your usual dressing style, your personality as well as your overall appearance!

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