27 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas to Turn Shabby into Fabulous

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1. Rustic Wall Decor Idea Featuring Reclaimed Window Frames

27 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas to Turn Shabby into Fabulous

Source: Instagram: Angela Wright Moffitt
A simple sitting room takes on a gently whimsical charm with the addition of rustic wall elements. Notice the very neutral color scheme is far from boring with the beautifully re-purposed window frames. Mirrors always add depth to a room and turning the window frames into mirrors is creative and functional. The simple beam shelf feels softer because of the delicate baby’s breath on the wreath as well as the wildflower blossoms in the mismatched vases. The mismatched yet coordinated look is a popular hallmark of many current decorating styles. Meaningful signs, like the one above the sofa, are in good taste and add a uniquely personal touch to your rustic decor.

2. Glowing Mason Jar Wall Sconces

27 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas to Turn Shabby into Fabulous

Source: etsy.com
Wall sconces are a charming way to brighten a dreary corner or fill an awkward space on a wall. These sconces are a particularly versatile rustic wall decoration idea. The simple pieces of wood plank feature mason jars suspended from iron hooks. In this version, the combination of textures and elements is a perfect example of the range of contrast typically seen in rustic wall art; white fairy lights, delicate ivory hydrangea, and twine adorn the sconces. These sconces would easily convert for a seasonal change or in the event of a palette change switch.

3. Monochromatic Skeleton Key Photo Hooks

27 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas to Turn Shabby into Fabulous

Source: worldmarket.com
Clever framing and hanging elevate simple photographs to rustic wall art simply and easily. In this instance, weathered wooden frames dangle from antiqued iron keys held by sturdy twine. As with other types of rustic art, the contrasting materials enhance the beauty of the grouping and work together to make the photographs the centerpiece of the collection. As you have seen previously, mismatched yet coordinating elements are marvelous ways to add subtle interest to rustic art. A grouping such as this is lovely adorning a wall on its own, and it would be a great augmentation of a larger grouping flanking a mirror or shelf.

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