27 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas to Turn Shabby into Fabulous

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10. Chalk Painted Shutter with Dried Flower Wreath

27 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas to Turn Shabby into Fabulous

Source: pinterest.com
Creative license is an advantage you get when using rustic wall decoration ideas in your home. Finding unique ways to use common objects is something designers find rewarding, especially if the process involves rescuing or recycling commonly overlooked pieces. This image is an example of using such a piece in a unique way. Here a weathered looking shutter hangs sideways, adding to the appeal of the piece. This look would seem incomplete without the use of the delicate wreath of baby’s breath, as it adds softness and interest while bringing a bit of the outdoors inside the home. Together these simple, rustic pieces bring life to an otherwise dreary corner with only a lamp.

11. Abstract Wall Art and Shelf from Rustic Barn Wood

27 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas to Turn Shabby into Fabulous

Source: furnitureinwood.com
This piece is an example of using weathered materials as rustic wall decor by creating something new and unexpected. Ordinary pieces of shiplap, attached to each other at randomly staggered heights, create a visually interesting piece of rustic art, which also is a shelf. This is a versatile dream piece for the handy do- it- yourself-er. Making an art piece similar to this is manageable, the size of a piece like this is simple to customize to fit odd sized spaces, and the finish can change to coordinate with the surroundings. The look of this piece will change based on what is placed on the shelves, adding to its versatility and usefulness.

12. Chic and Simple Reclaimed Wood Wall Chevrons

27 Rustic Wall Decor Ideas to Turn Shabby into Fabulous

Source: little-brick-house.blogspot.com
The chevron pattern of the rustic wall art is a delightful piece that adds a one of a kind look to the space pictured here. This art is well suited for this odd empty wall space and you could create a piece like this to meet the room’s size and space constraints. With creative use of rustic wall decoration ideas, like this one, awkward empty places in the home become fascinating focal points. The distressed wood picks up the darker shades in this otherwise light and bright room. The upward peaks of the chevron pattern draw the eye up and call attention to the groupings on top of the whitewashed cabinet. Simple and creative touches like this make it easy to love the rustic decor.

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